What I Know

For You For Your Family For Your Business
Evaluations & Assessments Family Counseling Diversity & Inclusivity
Personal Growth Parent – Child Relationship Enhancement Persons with Disability
Life & Relationship Coaching Counseling for Adolescents Work Life Balance
Grief and Loss Counseling Marriage and couples therapy
Anxiety, Panic and Phobias Pre-Marital Counseling
Depression, Discouragement and Adjustment Intervention
Anger Management Counseling for Family Members of Alcoholics and addicts in ACOA & Co-Dependency
Specialists in Gay and Lesbian Issues
Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse
Addictions & Substance Abuse


Evaluations & Assessments

Personal, interpersonal, family evaluations and assessment to have a happy life and to be on the right path of joy and fulfilling achievements

Personal Growth

To look at the current issue of life so as to ensure your personal growth in relationships and work.

Life & Relationship Coaching

Pre and post marital issues, acrimony in relationships, spousal issues, parental issues, adolescent issues and Youth issues dealing with today’s pressures of achievement and deliverables and standing up to expectations goals.

Grief and Loss Counseling

Dealing with death of near and dear ones, loss of love, emotional vacuum left due to divorce or break up.

Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

Dealing with anxiety due to deliverable pressures, panic attacks due to stress and phobias.

Depression, Discouragement and Adjustment

Dealing with depression, loneliness, discouragement at work, home, relationship and adjusting to life style issues.

Anger Management

Dealing with constant flare up of temper which results on loss of relation and acrimony in day to day work and life.

Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse

Differentiating between enjoying a glass and dependency to alcohol. Alcohol can create havoc in personal and work if not managed.

Addictions & Substance Abuse

Addictions are of various kinds which includes internet, pornography, selfie clicking, shopping, etc and addiction of substance of any kind which kind create psychological and social problems.

Specialists in Gay and Lesbian Issues

Contemporary society has given space to Gay lesbian people to talk and express their feelings BUT still considered a taboo in our society, though we are moving from traditional norms and enjoying living in a global village, lets work together and create a cohesive space.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Inclusion and developing policies on D&I, Training and workshops in companies and corporate in today’s global village.

Sexual harassment at workplace

Developing policies, training and workshops for all cadre of staff and which can be non gender biased and more inclusive.

Persons with Disability

Working with the government policy of inclusion of persons with disability development of policy, accessible space and communications and trainings/workshops.

Work Life Balance

In today’s times when targets have become the gospel truth and something that we cannot live without in the competitive world, so it’s becoming more and more imperative to try and strike a balance between work and life without having to let go of best of the both the worlds as one feeds to into another.

I offer workshops and seminars and one on one